WhatsApp Roaming Bundles

Discounted Roaming facebook post -01WhatsApp Roaming Bundles is our new subscription bundle enabling MTN subscribers to send messages, share photos, videos and make calls through WhatsApp freely while roaming by purchasing a bundle of their choice 

With WhatsApp Roaming bundles you can get a Daily, Weekly or Monthly bundle that can be used exclusively for WhatsApp to avoid alternative roaming charges.

How to Purchase a WhatsApp Bundle:

Dial *339# and select the bundle of your choice:

  • WhatsApp Roaming Daily @ K14/day
  • WhatsApp Roaming Weekly @ K70/Week
  • WhatsApp Roaming Monthly @ K270/Month


Q: Who can register for this service?

All prepaid and MyChoice customers.

Q: How does the service work?

WhatsApp can be accessed across borders without any extra roaming charges when you buy a WhatsApp Roaming Bundle.

Q: How do I subscribe to the service?

You can subscribe by dialing *339*3# and select the bundle of choice.

Q: What is the validity of the WhatsApp Roaming bundle?

Validity of bundles can be Daily, Weekly or Monthly depending on the purchased bundle.

Q: How many times can I purchase this data bundle?

As many times as you wish as long as the preceding bundle has expired.

Q: What happens if I have more than one data bundle?

The WhatsApp bundle will take priority.

Q: Am I able to share the WhatsApp Roaming bundle?

No, this bundle cannot be shared.

Q: In which countries can I use WhatsApp Roaming?

You can use WhatsApp Roaming in the below listed countries:

Afghanistan Guinea Bissau Netherlands Uganda
Australia Guinea Republic Nigeria United Arab Emirates
Belgium India Portugal United Kingdom
Benin Iran Romania United States of America
Botswana Italy Rwanda Zimbabwe
Cameroon Ivory Coast South Africa
Canada Japan South Sudan
China Kenya Spain
Congo Brazzaville Liberia Sudan
Congo DR Malawi Swaziland
Cyprus Mauritius Sweden
Egypt Mexico Switzerland
France Mozambique Syria
Ghana Namibia Tanzania

Terms and Conditions

  1. “WhatsApp Roaming” can be accessed by 4G LTE / 3G pre-paid and MyChoice customers who have purchased one of the WhatsApp roaming bundles and are using data roaming service in the designated destinations and on the designated networks. Standard data roaming charges will apply otherwise.
  2. A confirmation SMS will be displayed when a WhatsApp Roaming bundle has been successfully purchased. WhatsApp bundle will remain effective for the day from the hour of purchase. Daily Charge means charges incurred under WhatsApp Roaming each day from 00:00 to 23:59 (Central African Time) regardless of the physical location of a Customer.
  3. WhatsApp Roaming only applies to VoIP voice call, delivery of text and voice messages, images and video clips via the WhatsApp application. Other data roaming usage not set out herein will be blocked under WhatsApp Roaming (“Other Data Roaming Usage”). Data Roaming Daily Bundles may be subscribed for if such Other Data Roaming Usage is required (please dial *339# or visit www.mtnzambia.zm for more details.
  4. Usage of the WhatsApp Roaming is subject to the network and service coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the visited networks, which are subject to changes without prior notice.
  5. WhatsApp Roaming is not applicable to usage on tethering or Peer to Peer (“PTP”).
  6. Customers will be alerted when their WhatsApp Roaming has expired.