Netflix and More


Netflix & More-05

This is a Home Internet Promotion where eligible customers will get additional data volumes that will enable them have access to varying selections of Facebook, WhatsApp, SnapChat, YouTube and Netflix with a specified daily limit depending on the bundle purchased.

Customers who buy any Home or Mifi bundle with the exclusion of the Mifi 1.75GB are eligible for this promotion.


The bundles will be accessed through USSD, MyMTN App, IFS and the web redirected landing page. The additional benefits of this promotion will be given as follows:

Offer Type Offer Volume (MB) Price (K) Additional Bundle Benefit Usage Daily Limit on Extras (MB)
MiFi 7GB 7227 110 Facebook 59
MiFi 15GB 15460 220 WhatsApp, Facebook 100
MiFi 25GB 25750 380 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix 150
Home 15GB 15460 220 WhatsApp, Facebook 100
Home 30GB 30920 420 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, Netflix 200
Home 40GB 41260 600 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix 300
Home 55GB 56720 750 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix 400
Home 70GB 72180 1050 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix 500
Home 120GB 123480 1400 WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, YouTube, Netflix 600

Terms and Conditions

  1. Only numbers that purchase the eligible bundles will have additional data volumes to access the social media and content sites.
  2. Additional access to the sites will be limited to the stipulated daily limits per bundle.
  3. The daily limit is not per site but for all sites accessed per day i.e. usage for all the sites will be combined in the additional volume.
  4. Customers that use unauthorized VPNs to access Netflix will not receive free access.


Q: Do I have unlimited access to Netflix?

There is a daily limit applied for free access and when this limit is reached, usage will be charged from the main bundle.

Q: Do I get free access to Netflix when I buy any Home or MiFi bundle?

Free access to Netflix will only be provided when you buy MiFi 25GB, Home 30GB, Home 40GB, Home 55GB, Home 70GB and Home 120GB. The other lower Home and MiFi bundles (excluding MiFi 1.75GB) will provide free access to WhatsApp, Facebook and Snapchat only.

Q: Given the additional benefits, will the price of the Home and MiFi bundles change?

No, the bundle prices remain the same.

Q: Do these free benefits apply on the Home and MiFi promo bundles (5GBMifi and 30GB Home)?



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