Freedom Bundles

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LUSAKA – MTN Zambia has today launched a new range of non – expiry mobile data bundles dubbed Freedom bundles. The Freedom bundles are added to existing mobile data bundles to offer customers more choice and to contribute to digital inclusion in Zambia.

This introduction, the first of its kind in Zambia, means that MTN Zambia data customers can now load and use mobile data bundles that do not expire before they are exhausted.

MTN Zambia Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Bart Hofker said, “Zambia’s number 1 network has taken the lead in the industry by introducing the Freedom bundles. We know having this choice will delight many and we believe that it will also contribute to better data adoption and digital inclusion in Zambia.”

Mr. Hofker noted that the launch of the non-expiry mobile data bundles is in line with MTN’s customer first approach and is a testimony of MTN Zambia’s commitment to listen and respond proactively to the changing needs of its growing and diverse customer base. “Expiring data bundles was a key concern for many of our customers, so we made the necessary adjustments to offer more choice.”

MTN Zambia Chief Marketing Officer, Mr. Seun Soladoye revealed that the new range of Freedom bundles are now available to MTN Zambia data customers alongside the other existing data bundles that have expiry dates, so customers have the liberty to choose a bundle that suits their needs and budget.

“The Freedom bundles are available to our pre- paid and hybrid customers. To access the Freedom bundles, simply dial our USSD short codes *111# or *335# and select the bundle of your choice, for yourself or as a gift for another MTN Zambia customer. Payment can be done through airtime or Mobile Money.” he said.



Q: Who is eligible for this offer?

All MTN Prepaid and Hybrid/ MyChoice customers.

Q: How do I purchase Non-Expiry Data Bundles?

You can purchase Non-Expiry Data Bundles via USSD 333, 111 & 303 and MyMTN App

Q: Will I be able to purchase a recurring bundle?

No. Non-expiry data bundles has no expiry hence there is no option for recurring

Q: What will be the validity of the data bundles?

Non-expiry data bundles have no expiry date

Q: Can I buy multiple data bundles?

Yes. You can purchase multiple non expiry data bundles

Q: Can I share a Non-Expiry Data Bundle?

Yes. Non-expiry data bundles are shareable.

Q: How do I know that my Non-expiry data bundle has depleted?

You will receive usage notification at 80%, 90% and 100% .

Q: What happens if I have a bundle and my number is inactive for 90 Days?

If your number is inactive for 90 Days and above, your non-expiry bundle will be forfeited


For further information please contact:

MTN (Zambia) Limited

Lisa Mulozi

Manager – Communications and CSI

Phone: +260 966 220103



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