MTN strives to bridge the gap between digital inclusion and the barrier of level of income by availing smart devices to the market at affordable prices. MTN Branded smartphone devices come with a series of preinstalled MTN Apps and the Google Play Store for so much more for our customers to enjoy!


  1. Able to access the internet
  2. Relatively affordable to all brackets of income
  3. Comes with a data offer upon purchase (Subject to sole discretion of MTN)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Price of the device is as per advertised caption on the respective platforms.
  • MTN Serves the right to adjust these prices as and when deemed relevant for the business to achieve business objectives of delivering the best of quality service
  • MTN Branded Smartphones and select Devices in MTN Stores come with a Free MTN Data bundle (Also Subject to change without prior notice to the public). Please Refer to MTN Reverse Bundling T’s&C’s for more Detail on types of bundles and respective Business rules.
  • The Device SIM 1 is locked to the MTN Network. SIM 2 will work with any other network as long as SIM 1 has an MTN SIM card in the device.


Q: Who can access this service?

Open to all Customers

Q: Where is the device available?

Simply walk into any of our MTN Retail or partnering stores to see what MTN Branded Devices are available

Q: I bought an MTN Branded Smartphone and have not received the free bundle on that device. What could be the issue?

The Customer may have received a bundle in the last 90 days on another smartphone. Customers are only allowed one Type of Free Bundle once every 90 days regardless how many new smart phones they have changed within 90 days of last smart phone purchase with free bundle activation.

Q: I have received my Free Device Data bundle but unable to browse, what could be causing this?

It might be that your data Settings are not activated. Follow the following steps to configure your MTN data Settings:

  • Go to Settings
  • Select Connections
  • Select Mobile Networks
  • Select Access Point Name (APN)
  • Click Add APN
  • Under Name Enter MTN INTERNET
  • Under APN Enter INTERNET
  • The click Save
  • Reboot Phone for a couple of seconds and you should be able to browse thereafter

If this is not successful, kindly call the Call Centre or visit the nearest MTN Service Centre for free of charge assistance

Q: I Have not receive my Device offer what must I do?

  • Try downgrade the technology on the device from 4G to 3G and reset the device. To do this,
    1. Go to Settings
    2. Connections
    3. Mobile Network
    4. Select the SIM Card with the MTN SIM
    5. Select 3G Only
    6. Confirm the selection and then restart the device
  • In the event the customer has still not received this bundle, within 48 hours of activation and the process above, the customer is to provide feedback at the respective store where this device was purchased and/or visit the nearest MTN service Centre. The matter will then be investigated and if eligible, the customer will be credited within 14 days of lodging this query.

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